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This is the "Newest LOTTERY" of the North of Superior Healthcare Group. This new lottery, an electronically managed monthly 50/50 draw, starts with a guaranteed $500!

COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND - Funds raised through this "Newest Lottery" will help the North of Superior Healthcare Group continue with their fundraising goals, knowing that emergency funds can be used to purchase critical equipment and technology to enhance our ability to diagnose and treat patients during this difficult time. Help us protect our employees and YOU! To help support, please buy a ticket today!

Monthly draws happen last Thursday of each month. The Winner will be posted online the same day of the draw, Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

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Congratulations to our Early Bird Winner!

Draw Date: June 18, 2021
Winning Number: J-1408452
Winner Name: Patricia Molcan from Thunder Bay
Prize: $100.00 Gas Gift Card

Our rural hospitals will provide high quality health care services in a learning environment to improve the health of our communities in collaboration with other service providers.

The winner will receive 50% of the Jackpot, 25% will go to Wilson Memorial General Hospital for the Laboratory Campaign and 25% will go to The McCausland Hospital Chemistry Analyzer Campaign. Thank you for supporting and Good Luck!

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50/50 Lottery Winner Announcements

May 2021

Winning Number: M-6320173

Winner Name: Sarah Kuruliak

Jackpot Won: $9,520.00

April 2021

Winning Number: A-7514433

Winner Name: Stephanie Twance

Jackpot Won: $11,692.00

March 2021

Winning Number: M-5163580

Winner Name: Denis Becker

Jackpot Won: $14,018.00

February 2021

Winning Number: F-1521660

Winner Name: Bonnie Davis

Jackpot Won: $8,868.00

January 2021

Winning Number: J-9967118

Winner Name: Cathryn St. Louis

Jackpot Won: $6,720.00

December 2020

Winning Number: D-8165692

Winner Name: Ann Ray

Jackpot Won: $11,698.00

November 2020

Winning Number: N-3635559

Winner Name: Linda Collinson

Jackpot Won: $3,418.00

October 2020

Winning Number: 0-2433663

Winner Name: Roger St.Jules

Jackpot Won: $2,925.00

September 2020

Winning Number: S-6096660

Winner Name: Karen Hardy

Jackpot Won: $4,288.00

August 2020

Winning Number: A-7237448

Winner Name: Jennifer Morgan

Jackpot Won: $4,050.00

July 2020

Winning Number: J-5253698

Winner Name: Lucas Patterson

Jackpot Won: $4,470.00

June 2020

Winning Number: J-9747110

Winner Name: John LeClaire

Jackpot Won: $3,820.00

May 2020

Winning Number: M-1973413

Winner Name: Douglas Stefurak

Jackpot Won: $4,398.00

Rules of Play for 50/50 Electronic Raffle - License #RAF011948

These rules apply, until amended or revised, to 50/50 Raffles conducted by the North of Superior Healthcare Group.
  1. All tickets will only be sold to people who are 18 years of age or older.
  2. Must be within Ontario when purchasing a ticket.
  3. The lottery will take place each month. Ticket sales will end the last Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. and the winner will be announced the same day, at 10:30 a.m.
  4. Tickets are 3 for $5.00, 10 for $10.00 & 60 for $20.00.
  5. "Event" means a periodic schedule of events, associated with the Hospital fundraising activities. “Event Site” means the physical location of the Event (if any).
  6. Tickets will be sold using electronic raffle system supplied by Ascend FS. Tickets can be purchased at
    1. *Effective November 1, 2020, 50/50 tickets will also be sold in-person using a hand-held device at the Centre Mall location in Marathon, Ontario.
      • 50/50 tickets will be sold Monday through to Friday, inclusive, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Centre Mall in Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0.
    2. Early Bird Draws in December, 2020:
      Location: Marathon, Ontario at Wilson Memorial General Hosp.
      • Dec. 10 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 Wilderness Helicopter Ride for 4, value $200.00
      • Dec. 17 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #2 Cash Draw for $500.00
      • Dec. 23 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #3 Gift Card at Canadian Tire $250.00
    3. New: Early Bird Draws in January, 2021:
      Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, Ont.
      • Jan. 14 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 $250.00 Home Hardware Gift Card
      • Jan. 21 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #2 $100.00 Independent Gift Card & $50.00 Gas Card
    4. New: Early Bird Draws in February, 2021:
      Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, Ont.
      • Feb. 11 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 $250.00 Home Hardware Card
      • Feb. 18 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #2 $100.00 Independent Gift Card & $50.00 Gas Card
    5. New: Early Bird Draws in March, 2021:
      Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, Ont.
      • Mar. 18 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 $500.00 Cash
    6. New: Early Bird Draws in April, 2021:
      Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, Ont.
      • Apr. 8 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 $100.00 Cash and $50.00 Gas Card
      • Apr. 22 / 3:00 p.m. / Draw #2 1st Year Anniversary Prize Trip for (2) with West Jet
    7. New: Early Bird Draws in May, 2021:
      Location: Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, Ont.
      • May 6 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #1 $50 Gas Card + $100.00 Cash
      • May 20 / 11:00 a.m. / Draw #2 $50 Gas Card + $100.00 Cash
  7. After buying, patrons will be given by the sellers, a receipt with their 50/50 registered numbers from a Random Selection System. No specific numbers can be given as numbers are generated randomly.
  8. The winning ticket number will be selected by a Random Number Generation (RNG) system from all raffle numbers sold for the draw for that game.
  9. Prize is at minimum, 50% of gross sales for the specific raffle. Ticket purchasers can also monitor the status of the raffle on the hospital facebook page.
  10. The winner will be notified by phone and a cheque will be mailed or can be picked up in person. The ticket may be brought to 26 Peninsula Rd. Marathon, Ontario P0T 2E0 at an agreed upon time for ticket verification. The winner will need to produce 2 pieces of photo ID and then be paid by cheque for the amount posted online. Winners must have the original winning ticket and not copies. The prize payment will be made by cheque.
  11. The winning ticket holder has 6 months in which to claim their prize from the date of the draw their ticket numbers were pulled.
  12. The winner must provide his/her name, address and phone number with picture identification for our report sheet.
  13. Once the certified winner is verified and provides identification with photo ID, they will be given a cheque in the amount of the declared prize which is, at minimum 50% of the total sales for that game. If the winner cannot provide photo ID, then the winning proceeds will be held until such identification can be provided.
  14. If no winner comes forward, the number will be announced repeatedly over the PA system, and continually posted on, and the Hospital facebook page.
  15. At subsequent events the number will be posted at each selling station.
  16. In the event that no winner comes forward, the winning stub will be kept in a safety deposit box and held for 6 months. After that time period has elapsed, the prize will be donated back into the draw with the approval of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).
  17. The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 draw:
    • Any and all current staff members of Ascend FS
    • North of Superior Healthcare Group Fundraiser Coordinator and Board of Directors, as well as their spouses, children and children-in-law are not permitted to purchase
    • Volunteer sellers can win but cannot purchase a ticket on the same shift they are volunteering
  18. The above set of Rules of Play will be posted at each event.
  19. For any additional questions, please contact The North of Superior Healthcare Group Fundraiser 1-807-229-1740, ext 224.
Ontario Problem Gaming Helpline (1-888-230-3505)


I didn't receive my tickets What do I do?
First, please check your junk mail and spam folders. If you check spam and still can’t find your tickets, please contact Charlene Schintz or 807-229-1740, ext 224 with:
  • your name
  • the name the tickets were purchased under
  • when you purchased the tickets
  • the email address the tickets should have been sent to
She will check into the purchase, and get in touch with you.

I purchased a ticket, can I get a refund?
Each request will be assessed on a case to case basis. If the request for a refund has merit and is made prior to the draw, we will determine if a refund is eligible. If you have found an issue with your purchase and would like to inquire, contact our office, 807-229-1740, ext 224 or

Which payment methods are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards